What if your company sells products, either software or hardware, that runs PostgreSQL? You’re in need of offering your customers an SLA, but don’t have extensive database know-how in-house? 3rd Level Support is addressed to exactly this kind of companies. 

For 3rd Level Support you will stay first contact for your customers and provide 1st and 2nd Level support to them. Our team will be in charge for all requests that your team cannot handle technically. CYBERTEC 3rd Level Support is 24/7 – meaning that we are here for you and your customers at all times.

This support package is intended for resellers only. Please contact us, if you are a reseller and do not find a fitting package for your needs. Contact us >>

Services Overview

3rd Level Support

CYBERTEC Partner Network (CPN)

Query Tuning 










For Resellers only!

Bugfix / Patches
Backup / Restore
Backup / Restore Assistance
DB/OS* Health Check on Request
DB/OS* Health Check Automated / Monthly
PostgreSQL Parameter Tuning
User Management
Tablespace Management
Slow Query Detection
Vacuum Tuning

Monitoring / Alerting

PostgreSQL Update*
PostgreSQL Upgrades*
PostgreSQL Deployment*
DB Security Check
PostgreSQL Packaging (RPM, DEB)
Drivers for C, Python,…
Extended Product Support***

* needs to be planned at least 4 weeks ahead
** needs to be planned at least 2 days ahead
*** Please see “Product Support“; Additionally: Patroni (vip-manager, haproxy), pgbackrest, pgbouncer, contrib, PostGIS


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Pricing is based on an annual fee per core.
Contract minimum is 12 cores.

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Our Support Channels, SLA and Response Times

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