CYBERTEC 24/7 Enterprise Support includes all 24/7 Basic Support services and adds assisted monitoring, monthly consulting hours, discounted training sessions and a dedicated contact person.

With 24/7 Enterprise Support, CYBERTEC provides all bug fixes for the most frequently used PostgreSQL platforms, processors and architectures. This includes not only common platforms like Redhat, CentOS, Suse, etc. but also x86 / x64. On request, we can also assist you with special cases.

If you need a fully managed database service, have a look at our 9/5 Remote DBA or 24/7 Remote DBA Services.

24/7 Enterprise Support Services Overview

9/5 Basic Support24/7 Basic Support24/7 Enterprise Support
Query Tuning
Bug fix/Patches
Backup/Restore – Assistance
DB/OS*-HealthCheck / on Request
DB/OS*-HealthCheck (auto) / Monthly
PostgreSQL Parameter Tuning
User ManagementSUPPORTIVE****
Tablespace ManagementSUPPORTIVE****
Slow Query Detection
Vacuum Tuning
PostgreSQL Update*SUPPORTIVE****
PostgreSQL Upgrades*SUPPORTIVE****
PostgreSQL Deployment**SUPPORTIVE****
DB Security CheckSUPPORTIVE****
PostgreSQL Packaging (RPM, DEB)
Drivers for C, Python, …
Extended Product Support ***
4 Consulting hours/month
-50% on our scheduled trainings worldwide
Key Account Manager

* needs to be planned at least 4 weeks ahead
** needs to be planned at least 2 days ahead
*** Please see “Product Support“; Additionally: Patroni (vip-manager, haproxy), pgbackrest, pgbouncer, contrib, PostGIS
**** Support with individual planning, errors and problems. 


Download the full list of our support packages! Support packages are available for a variety of business needs, from small businesses to large enterprises. Find the services you need.

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24/7 Enterprise Support Pricing

Pricing is based on an annual fee per core.
Contract minimum is 12 cores. Customers with large systems with a high number of cores benefit from our unlimited support. 

Please contact us for detailed pricing information!

Our Support Channels, SLA and Response Times

Read more about our various support channels, service level agreements and response times for support issues.



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