Visual migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL

CYBERTEC migrator offers a brand new graphical user interface (GUI) for visual migration of large and possibly complex Oracle databases to PostgreSQL even faster. Navigate quickly through giant databases, and assess the situation with more speed and agility than ever before. Keep track of your migrations with an eagle eye and dive into projects with rapid precision.

Oracle to PostgreSQL quick assessment

You may be wondering how you can quickly gain an overview of the migration, and be able to choose the optimal path to success. Our quick assessment tool will provide you with estimates in no time, and helps you to understand what is really needed to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL in the best way.  

Understand the key components and gather deep insights:

  • Number of tables
  • Amount of data
  • Lines of PL/SQL code
  • Number of triggers, views, etc.
  • Overview of permissions and security

The CYBERTEC Migrator will take apart the Oracle system catalog for you, and present you with a real time assessment, allowing you to quickly get going with your projects.

Beautiful dashboard: Visualize your progress

If you want to migrate more than just one Oracle system, keeping an eye on all your projects is vital. Our dashboard helps you to track progress and establish priorities in the blink of an eye, by providing an overview of what is really going on.

Simple, easy to understand, and powerful charts will give you the insights you need from an overall perspective,  while still providing access to relevant details, which are the key to good decision-making. 

Key migrator features

Diving into our key features unleashes the true power of the CYBERTEC Migrator. Moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL “visually” has never been easier, more professional and powerful. 

  • Manage countless migrations at the same time
  • Track progress
  • Graphically control the migration
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Edit stored procedures on the fly
  • Track errors and fix them
Control Migration Start - Migrator
Control Migration, skip data - Migrator
Migration Log Big - Migrator
Migration Log - Migrator
Migration log: Handling errors and fixing them
Floating Migration Control - Migrator
Code Editor - Migrator
Code editor – Managing Procedures
Adjust Table Columns - Migrator

Request a free demo

Contact us today and request a free live demonstration of the visual migration. We are more than happy to show you how the CYBERTEC Migrator works!

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