Support Channels

You can reach our experts through various support channels. We support you in the way that suits you best and offer you support that is tailored to your needs.

Our support channels are:

System access requirements for support services:

  • VPN
  • Webex session (provided by CYBERTEC)

CYBERTEC support channels

SLA & Response Times

Our company offers preferential treatments for support requests (24/7) via emergency hotline, ticket system and email. The following response times for emergency hotline requests are available:


HIGH PRIORITYmax. 30 minutesProblems that cause downtime (such as core dumps within PostgreSQL) or problems that suggest potential data loss are classified as high-priority.
MEDIUM PRIORITYmax. 4 hoursIssues that do not endanger the 24/7 operation but which stop development or lead to problems in the foreseeable future are classified as medium priorities.
LOW PRIORITY“next business day”Questions that are only intended for clarification are managed under low priority.

Support Packages

Check out our various support offers and find the right package for your company!

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