7.1 Data API

The purpose of the “Data API” section is to give users a simple method to test the API which CYPEX generates. The CYPEX data API is an integral part of the system. It automatically exposes every query as an API endpoint. The infrastructure will honor access privileges, and automatically keep the API up to date.

The general purpose of the API itself is to allow users to build custom apps which are hard to create with the builtin-WYSIWYG editor. In addition to that it allows for easier integration with other infrastructure components. It’s important to understand in this context that CYPEX isn’t “all or nothing” – it’s perfectly feasible to use the API alone.

The “Data API” page contains routes for conveniently and quickly interacting with your application via the endpoints. CYPEX automatically generates a list of all endpoints. Get all or part of your data and make requests using Postman. Use the “Patch” request to update or the “Delete” request to delete data.

The admin panel offers a page which helps you to try out your API. Note that this is not a test environment – all changes happen in the database for real. Therefore caution is recommended when you use the visual interface or the API directly. Mind that to use the API, you need to authenticate using the same mechanism as the CYPEX GUI’s (we use JWT).