PostgreSQL Overview

Advantages of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a TRUE Open Source project, no strings attached. There is no such thing as “dual licensing” as well as no “demo version”. You will get the entire thing for free, no strings attached. PostgreSQL offers a whole range of advantages.

PostgreSQL for biotech and scientific applications

These days countless scientific applications can benefit from using PostgreSQL as a backend database. In many areas of science and technology a lot of data has to be processed and stored for a long period of time. PostgreSQL is the ideal platform to do just that. The database can handle large amounts of data and help analyzing things fast.

Since the invention of modern computers the amount of data stored in database systems kept growing year by year and it will continue to do so. More and more information waiting to be analyzed is stored and kept for scientific and business related use cases.

Find out why PostgreSQL is the right solution for biotech and scientific applications.

Fraud detection

Fraud is definitely a multibillion-dollar business and it keeps increasing every year. The PwC global economic crime survey of 2016 states that 36% of organizations experienced economic crime or some sort of fraud-related issue.

This is an increasingly important topic in IT and in business in general. Cybertec is a company that focuses on analyzing data using PostgreSQL, artificial intelligence, and modern mathematical algorithms capable of finding fraudulent patterns and fraudulent behaviour. Cybertec makes it possible to detect fraud at the time it is about to happen.

Solutions – Who uses PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL has been widely adopted by the industry in recent years. Some of the top companies in the world are using PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is not just used in one industry – it is pretty much everywhere. From automotive to water management. From archaeology to weather services. PostgreSQL is everywhere these days and the number of deployment is growing all over the world.

A few examples and use cases about how you can use PostgreSQL.

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