Fraud is definitely a multibillion-dollar business and it keeps increasing every year. The PwC global economic crime survey of 2016 states that 36% of organizations experienced economic crime or some sort of fraud-related issue.

Fraud detection is an increasingly important topic in IT and in business in general. CYBERTEC is a company that focuses on analyzing data using PostgreSQL, artificial intelligence, and modern mathematical algorithms capable of finding fraudulent patterns and fraudulent behaviour.

CYBERTEC makes it possible to detect fraud at the time it is about to happen. To achieve this, we use modern data-mining algorithms and artificial intelligence. Our fraud-detection concepts are highly flexible, scalable and extensible.

As we said before, fraud detection is an increasingly important topic. With the introduction of electronic payments, the importance of security has also increased. Nowadays, fraudsters from all over the world try to harm successful businesses and try to make money out of all kinds of business. A company that is able to detect fraudulent behaviour when it happens is able to save enormous amounts of money and can increase revenues significantly.

Our experience

CYBERTEC has years of experience when it comes to electronic payments. We have consulted companies operating worldwide and we have been working on fraud-detection mechanisms for a long time.

Your advantages

Once proper fraud detection is in place you can

  • save on manpower hunting for your money
  • protect yourself against the loss of services or products
  • enhance your company’s reputation
  • get the money you deserve


fraud detection with CYBERTEC AI engine

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