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Here's a short one. To prepare for the upcoming training season, I thought I'll get our little "Postgres Showcase" (GitHub project) on track. The idea is that it's just a collection of easy to follow SQL samples moving from basics to more advanced stuff, helping to exemplify how to use PostgreSQL and to show off its features. Basically "critical Postgre SQL knowledge in-a-box", helping newcomers to grasp the core user side features in less than an hour, if going through all the samples.

PostgreSQL Showcase Project

I already had that idea some months ago, as I found myself constantly explaining the same things all over again, in a non-practical (talking, showing documentation) way. But I guess nobody really enjoys hearing about abstract things or reading a lot of documentation - sometimes going through some "near to real life" code is much more beneficial as it helps to get a feeling for "the gist of it" faster.

Prerequisite for understanding the sample bits I guess would be some experience with SQL, some other RDBMS would be totally fine. Also there's the simplest possible Python script provided to show how easy it is to work with data so basic Python knowledge wouldn't hurt.

PostgreSQL Showcase - Project status

As we know PostgreSQL functionality is HUGE and not everything is exemplified (maybe more advanced stuff even shouldn't be), so here would be actually good to hear some feedback from actual PostgreSQL beginners. As it's getting pretty tough to put myself in the shoes of a beginner after years of daily PostgreSQL 🙂

Also look at the structural side – would it be better off by using Markdown all the way instead of commented SQL scripts? Some better structuring?
In short - feedback on GitHub would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Visit the project on GitHub >>


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Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar
6 years ago

Hello, I want to contact you for more details regarding instance level encryption. Can I get your email id? Thanks.

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar
6 years ago
Reply to  Rakesh Kumar

Or you can reach to me at rakeshkumar464 at outlook dot com. thanks.

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