Running HUGE numbers of migrations

Uniform, speedy migration

For many companies, it doesn’t make sense to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL one-by-one. Sometimes it’s necessary to migrate hundreds or even thousands of identical deployments to PostgreSQL, all at once. If you need to run huge numbers of migrations, CYBERTEC’s Migrator is ready to be put to work. 

Clone definitions for speedier throughput

CYBERTEC Migrator allows you to clone the definition of a migration, then re-run the same process over and over again for countless databases. You can also run these processes in parallel, which vastly improves throughput. Verify your process once, and then finish the job in a hurry!

Standardized migration = save on costs and time

There are clear benefits when you run migrations as a standard process:

  • Reduce the odds of human error
  • Automate recurring manual tasks
  • Track migrations efficiently
  • Reduce the time go finish

Update your systems while you migrate

Our experts are ready to assist you to optimize as you migrate. Turn your migration into an opportunity to renew your systems, all in one go, and get an edge over competitors – leverage our expertise. We know how to listen to customers and help them fix pain points in their databases, so you can get real results and achieve your best while you save on costs.

You get a clear advantage with the CYBERTEC Migrator, because it’s already enterprise-optimized and reduces the TCO, compared to other players in the field. Not only do you leave behind Oracle’s license fees, but you optimize existing database systems and save time and money by the bucketload. Get the CYBERTEC Migrator today and find out what it means to really get a jump on the competition. 

Request a free demo

Contact us today and request a free live demonstration of how to run large numbers of migrations. We are more than happy to show you how the CYBERTEC Migrator works!

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