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Nowadays JSON is used pretty much everywhere. It's not only web developers who like JSON. It is also used for configuration, data transfer, and a lot more. Luckily PostgreSQL is pretty good at JSON. Recently I have discovered a module called wal2json, which even allows the transformation of xlog to JSON. The module can be found here:

The module can be compiled just like any other contrib module. Once it has been installed, postgresql.conf can be adapted to allow replication slots:

After a database restart a replication slot can be created:

Some data can be inserted to demonstrate how the replication slot works:

When the data is dequeued a perfect stream of JSON documents can be seen:

The real beauty here is that all PostgreSQL JSON functions can be used to process the JSON stream. It is pretty easy to do ex-post analysis on the changes fetched from the xlog.

Find out more about JSON and PostgreSQL in our tag blog spot just for JSON blogs.

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