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BY Kaarel Moppel - In order to prepare for the start of training season (you can see our “stock” training offerings here by the way), I’ve updated our small “Postgres features showcase” project, and thought I'd echo it out too. Main changes - coverage on some features of the current v11 release and also from the upcoming v12.

Short showcase project background

The project was introduced two years ago - the main idea of the project itself is to provide a compact and "hands-on" set of commented samples to help newcomers get up to speed with Postgres. Of course, one cannot beat official documentation but sadly, the documentation for Postgres doesn’t have a dedicated folder for working code samples. However, the tutorial can be helpful. So, the idea is to provide some commented SQL for the “code-minded” people to quickly see and “feel” the concepts to get the gist of it faster.

Updated list of topics covered

  • Connecting
  • Creating databases / roles
  • Transaction management
  • Creating / altering tables
  • Partitioning and other table modifiers
  • Most common data types
  • Constraints
  • Views / materialized views
  • Stored functions / procedures
  • Triggers
  • Enums / custom types
  • Extensions
  • Row-level security
  • Analytical and parallel queries
  • Indexing
  • String processing and arrays


If you see that this project is somewhat useful but could be improved even more, we would be very glad if you take the time to provide your ideas as Github issues – or even better – directly as Pull Requests. Thanks!


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