CYPEX Online Academy - Application File Management Section

5.1 File management section

CYPEX offers a file store which manages the files the user uploads. When you use the CYPEX file store, you’re able to easily integrate images into all apps, while maintaining the ability to backup data and applications as one.

File management

You can upload files and store them in the database. Storing files in the database has always been controversial. However, in this case it’s done to ensure that you can save all data, including the application itself, using standard PostgreSQL backups. There is no need to back up the database, the application and files separately – everything is in the same backup. In addition to that, files are handled in a transparent manner which brings countless advantages if you are dealing with workflows.

What are the benefits of such infrastructure?

Here are some typical use cases:
● Display images
● Offer downloads
● Send as email attachments

Once you upload a file, you can define user permissions to allow only certain users to access the file. As with all other data, the database handles permissions directly, therefore they are identical within the entire stack (API, GUI, etc.).

Inside the WYSIWYG editor, the application designer makes use of such files. Developers have direct access to CYPEX storage, and take files from there.

Upload Files

The upload facility is capable of handling reasonably-sized files. This infrastructure is typically used for pictures as well as documents (PDFs, etc.) which are static in nature. CYPEX supports various types of binary files. Here’s an overview of what’s possible:

● audio files
● documents
● images
● text files
● many others

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