Removing duplicates in PostgreSQL

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Today somebody asked me how to remove duplicates which accidentally made it into a table. The problem is: A normal DELETE won't do, because you would delete both values - not just the one which is in there twice.

To solve the problem, you have to use a "secret" column called "ctid". The "ctid" identifies a row inside a table. Here is an example:


As you can see two values show up twice. To find out how we can remove the duplicate value we can query the "ctid":


We can make use of the fact that the ctid is not the same for our values. The subselect will check for the lowest ctid for a given value and delete it:

This query works nicely if we can rely on the fact that we only got values which don't show up more often than twice. If we want to do things in a generic way, we can use a simple windowing function to make things work:


Now we can check for the result:



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Jorge Fernandez
Jorge Fernandez
9 years ago

Finally a cristal-clear explanation.... thank you so much!

Bjoern Schilberg
Bjoern Schilberg
10 years ago

Just a quick note here. Window Functions appeared first in PostgreSQL 8.4.

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