PGSQL Phriday #014: PostgreSQL Events

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As PostgreSQL enthusiasts, we all know that the community's heartbeat lies in PostgreSQL Events, whether local meetups, big conferences, or virtual gatherings, that have become prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a thrilling conference season, the PostgreSQL community is abuzz with activity. We've just wrapped up the PASS Data Community Summit, which featured a dedicated PostgreSQL presence that left us inspired and eager for more. The DOAG conference is underway, where numerous PostgreSQL experts are sharing their insights. And on the horizon, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming PostgreSQL Conference Europe in just a couple of weeks.

I invite you to share your PostgreSQL Events experiences in your dedicated blog post. Whether you're a seasoned attendee, a speaker, a trainer, a sponsor, an organizer, or a first-timer, your unique perspective contributes to the canvas of the PostgreSQL community.

Blue elephants at PostgreSQL events

Reflecting on Personal Experiences and Favorite Moments

Share the stories that resonate with you — the moments that left a lasting impression. Do you remember your first in-person event? Were there unexpected highlights or connections that made the event memorable for you?

Unpacking PostgreSQL Events Highlights

PostgreSQL events offer rich content, from training sessions to lightning talks. What were the standout sessions for you? Which speakers left you inspired or equipped with newfound wisdom? Share the gems you discovered during these sessions.

Comparing Virtual and In-Person Experiences

As the landscape of events evolves, so does the format. Reflect on your experiences attending both virtual and in-person events. What unique advantages and challenges does each setting present? How has the shift to virtual impacted your engagement with the PostgreSQL community?

Networking and Collaborations

For many of us, PostgreSQL events are more than just learning opportunities — they are epicenters for networking and collaboration. Discuss the importance of networking. Have you formed valuable connections or partnerships as a result of these events? Maybe you made new #PostgresFriends? 😉

Learning Opportunities and Professional Growth

Each event is a treasure trove of learning opportunities. Share the insights and skills you've gained from attending PostgreSQL conferences and meetups. How has this continuous learning contributed to your professional growth?

Organizing or Speaking at PostgreSQL Events

If you've ever taken on the roles of organizer or speaker, share your unique behind-the-scenes experiences. What motivated you to share your expertise or contribute your time and efforts to the event's organization? How did you prepare for speaking engagements or event planning?

Community Engagement

How has participating in these gatherings shaped your connection to the broader PostgreSQL community? Have you found routes to contribute back to the community?

PostgreSQL Talks and Speakers at Other Events

Beyond dedicated PostgreSQL events, have you encountered PostgreSQL talks at broader tech conferences like PASS, DOAG, PyCon, FOSDEM, SCALE 21x and others? Share your thoughts on the integration of PostgreSQL into the wider tech landscape. Are there any standout speakers or presentations that caught your attention?

Recommendations and Advice

Would you recommend PostgreSQL events to others? Why or why not? Offer advice to those attending their first PostgreSQL event, sharing insights that could enhance their experience.

Future Expectations

What are your expectations for the future of PostgreSQL events and conferences? How do you envision the PostgreSQL community evolving through these gatherings?

Post-Event Reflection

After the excitement of an event declines, how do you reflect on and apply what you've learned? Share any rituals or practices you have for maximizing the post-event benefits.

The Rules

Please use these prompts as initial ideas, but don't limit yourself. Your insights are valuable contributions to the collective wisdom and spirit of the PostgreSQL community.

The guidelines for participating are as follows:

  1. Publish your blog post about "PostgreSQL events" by Friday, December 1st, 2023.
  2. Include "PGSQL Phriday #014" in your blog post's title or first paragraph.
  3. Link back to this blog post.
  4. Announce your blog post on one/several of these platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Mastodon, and Bluesky, using the #PGSQLPhriday hashtag. Also, let us know about it in PostgreSQL Slack in the #PGSQLPhriday channel.
  5. Engage with other blog posts about this topic.

Happy blogging!💙💛

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