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Florian Nadler

GIS Consultant
Florian Nadler is a GIS consultant with 10 years+ experience in spatial engineering. He holds a Diplom (FH) in Geoinformatics as well as an M.Sc. in Data Science, both from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. At CYBERTEC, Florian develops spatial services and solves all kinds of data-related challenges.

Articles by Florian Nadler

Traveling Salesman problem with PostGIS and pgRouting

by Florian Nadler | 03.2021
Last time, we experimented with lesser known PostGIS functions to extract areas of interest for sales. Now, let’s extend our […]

"Catchment areas" with PostgreSQL and PostGIS

by Florian Nadler | 02.2021
Recently a colleague in our sales department asked me for a way to partition an area of interest spatially. He […]

Intersecting Tracks of individuals – MobilityDB

by Florian Nadler | 04.2020
Last time I announced we would check out MobilityDB to improve our approach to extract overlapping passage times of healthy […]

Intersecting GPS-Tracks to identify infected individuals

by Florian Nadler | 04.2020
In times of COVID-19, governments contemplate tough measures to identify and trace infected people. These measures include the utilization of […]

Visualizing OSM data in QGIS

by Florian Nadler | 02.2020
Last time we imported OpenStreetMap datasets from Iceland to PostGIS. To quickly visualize our OSM data results, we will now […]

Open Street Map to PostGIS - The Basics

by Florian Nadler | 11.2019
OSM to PostGIS – The Basics Ever wondered how to import OSM (OpenStreetMap) data into PostGIS [1] for the purpose […]
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