Introduction to PostGIS

LEVEL: Intermediate
Basic experience with PostgreSQL is required.
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Course Topics

Theoretical part


  • Setup and maintenance of PostGIS
  • Tooling (Import, Export, ETL)
  • Storage and management of spatial data

Spatial data types and indices

  • Spatial data types
    • Geometry
    • Geography
  • Spatial index
    • GIST
    • SP-GIST
    • BRIN

Spatial functions

  • Core functions
    • Output
    • Construction
    • Accessor and setter
    • Measurement functions
    • Composition functions
    • Decomposition functions
    • Simplification functions
  • Topological functions
    • Bounding boxes
    • Equality
    • Relations
    • Spatial joins
  • Special Functions for processing and analysis
    • Spatial aggregation
    • Clipping, splitting, tesselation
    • Segmentation
    • Translation, scaling and rotation

Practical part

Introducing the dataset & Exercises

  • Import/Export spatial data
  • Validating and fixing spatial data
  • Analyzing spatial data
  • Visualizing spatial data

Course INFO

Level Intermediate

Knowledge needed.


English or German


Location & Date

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