CYPEX - graphical PostgreSQL app development

Beautiful visual PostgreSQL app development – without headaches

The CYPEX GUI Editor

Make use of our low-code platform to create great visuals for communicating your business data. CYPEX graphical PostgreSQL app development is easy and even fun to use.

Graphical App Development - CYPEX

Build apps

Below, you can see examples (screenshots) of the attractive apps you can build with our user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Build App with GUI Example - Statistics  - CYPEX
Build App with GUI Example - Employee Count - CYPEX

 Build Dashboards

You can also build sensational dashboards in no time with the CYPEX GUI Editor. Here’s an example:

Build Dashboard with GUI Editor - CYPEX

With the CYPEX GUI editor, attractive, understandable results are only a click away. Graphical PostgreSQL development becomes a joy rather than a chore with this great tool.

The CYPEX Model Builder – massively efficient rapid app development

Another graphical feature of CYPEX is its Model Builder. With the Model Builder, you can turn the working prototype of your app into the foundation of your specification. The amazing thing about this rapid prototyping is that it allows you to work ultra-efficiently, producing results in minutes that would normally take hours of coding. This marked reduction in development time allows you to gain rapid feedback from your customer, so that adjustments to the original plan become no problem, and any communication errors can be easily fixed. Because it simplifies the process so efficiently, the Model Builder can be run by far fewer engineers who have basic coding knowledge, as opposed to the large teams previously necessary.

Big Developer Teams Versus One CYPEX Engineer - CYPEX

Example screenshots from the CYPEX Model Builder

Here is an example of building a sample app for an employee count with the Model Builder:

Model Builder: Report Employee Statistics - CYPEX

First, we report some employee statistics

Add Pie Chart - CYPEX

Next, summarize those statistics in a pie chart

Final Resultant Company App - CYPEX

Finally, you see the resultant company app (your company logo will be top left)

The CYPEX Model Builder is a first-class rapid app prototyping instrument, designed with complex endeavours in mind. Put your enterprise ahead of the crowd – get it on CYPEX.

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To find out more, contact us today! Get CYPEX and get smart about saving time and money while still producing beautful graphical results, perfect for communicating with customers.

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