Wrapping up PGSQL Phriday #014: PostgreSQL Events

PGSQL Phriday #014: PostgreSQL Events

In my PGSQL Phriday #014 welcome post, I invited everyone to share their PostgreSQL event experiences in a dedicated blog post on December 1st. I am thrilled many people liked the idea and pitched in to make this event happen. Thanks to everyone!

PostgreSQL at AWS re:Invent by Franck Pachot

Franck’s post reveals PostgreSQL is a key player not only in dedicated PostgreSQL community events but also in broader tech gatherings, attracting CTOs, architects, developers, and more.

Check the post to know more about re:Invent highlights and overall experience. Franck encourages attendance at cross-technology conferences, emphasizing PostgreSQL’s popularity across various tech events.

Thanks for being the first author in PGSQL Phriday #014!

“Events” on Postgres FM by Michael Christofides and Nikolay Samokhvalov

This episode took me by surprise! Just imagine how much time and effort you need to release a one-hour podcast! Kudos! I also decided to put in some effort, so I wore my sneakers, put on earphones, and walked for one hour at a brisk pace! See! Not only do Postgres events make you smarter, but also your heart stronger!

Many topics are covered in this episode: virtual vs. in-person events, session recordings, volunteering vs. paid professionals, Call for Papers, speakers, organizers, and many more!

A Newbies Perspective by Grant Fritchey

Knowing Grant came from the MSSQL world with its substantial multi-thousand gatherings, I was interested in his perception.

We’ve met with Grant at his first Postgres conference in Malta this year. Like most of the series’ first events, the first PGDay/MED was relatively small and cozy.

I’m delighted that Grant thinks the PostgreSQL community is welcoming, strong, vibrant, and kind.
I disagree with his statement that Postgres events often seem centrally managed, contrasting with the more bottom-up approach in the SQL Server community. We should discuss this further during the upcoming 13th annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe in Prague, Czechia. 🙂

This year we have a bigger venue so you still have a chance to attend this important event.

Seattle Postgres User Group and PASS Summit by Jeremy Schneider

Jeremy’s post highlights the vibrant Seattle Postgres User Group’s successful year, with growing attendance and diverse topics discussed. The Seattle PUG played a crucial role in the PASS Data Summit, contributing to the PostgreSQL track and the booth. Despite the scale of the conference, it drew international attention, and the PostgreSQL booth received significant engagement. After the summit, there’s enthusiasm for the resurgence of in-person meetings, and the Seattle Postgres User Group is set for an exciting 2024 schedule.

Some thoughts on Postgres events by Michael Christofides

Did you ever feel you were discussing the topic for one hour and still something needs to be said? That’s the case here! 🙂

In his additional blog post, Michael explores the dynamics of PostgreSQL events, emphasizing the importance of both in-person and online gatherings. He reflects on his experience attending and speaking at events and advocates for increased support for event organizers.

The article also provides insights for new speakers and encourages sponsorship to ensure the success of PostgreSQL events.

Michael is willing to support and mentor new speakers, emphasizing the welcoming nature of the PostgreSQL community. That is super news! I wish we had community mentors for fresh speakers years ago! Way to go, Michael!

Review: PostgreSQL at PASS Data Community Summit 2023 by Ryan Booz

Ryan reflects on the transformative power of conferences in his career over the past two decades. He shares how attending events like WWDC and CodeMash provided crucial insights and community connections, stressing the importance of active engagement with a community for natural growth.

The blog post highlights the dream of bringing PostgreSQL content closer to the SQL Server community, culminating in the dedicated PostgreSQL track at the PASS Data Community Summit in Seattle. The event featured a PostGIS Precon, regular sessions, a panel discussion, keynotes, a Community Zone AMA, and a PgUS booth, showcasing the strength and enthusiasm of the PostgreSQL community.

Ryan envisions further opportunities for collaboration between the SQL Server and PostgreSQL communities in future conferences. The post underscores the value of networking and encourages participation in PostgreSQL events in 2024.

From my side, I want to thank Ryan for his tremendous PostgreSQL community support. At the PASS Data Community Summit I witnessed the success of community collaboration with my own eyes!

My Illustrated Guide to Postgres at PASS Data Summit 2023 by Claire Giordano

Claire should publish her blog post as a book! It is so detailed, colorful, and pleasant!

She provides an “Illustrated Guide” to her experience at the PASS Data Community Summit 2023 in Seattle. Historically focused on the SQL Server community, this year’s summit surprised all of us by incorporating a strong focus on PostgreSQL.

Claire discusses her talk on contributing to the PostgreSQL community beyond code and shares insights from other notable speakers like Rob Treat, Ryan Booz, Jeremy Schneider, Ryan Lambert, Grant McAlister, Chelsea Dole, and many others. The article highlights vital sessions, a panel discussion, the informal #PostgresFriends community dinner, and other aspects.

The post is so thorough that I feel guilty about not highlighting every detail I found.

Thank you, Claire, for your massive input into PGSQL Phriday #014!

Postgres Events by Ryan Lambert

Ryan reflects on his experience at the PASS 2023 summit in Seattle, emphasizing the importance of networking at such events and highlighting the significance of forming valuable connections and partnerships through community participation over the past decade. He expresses joy in finally meeting individuals he’s known online for years, including me, Ryan Booz, Claire Giordano, Robert Treat, and Christophe Pettus. I can only add that meeting Ryan and Jeremy in person was also an absolute pleasure for me.

The blog also discusses the advantages and challenges of in-person and virtual settings, with his valuing the unique interactions and networking opportunities of in-person events. He acknowledges the benefits of virtual events, such as cost-effectiveness and long-term content sharing. Ryan, who has been involved as a speaker, shares his behind-the-scenes experiences and preparation techniques, drawing parallels with his piano lessons and emphasizing the motivation to contribute to the community by sharing valuable experiences.

PostgreSQL Events by Andreas ‘ads’ Scherbaum

Andreas Scherbaum shed some light on the many events that have taken place and continue to thrive. The community has rebounded strongly despite a brief pause due to COVID-19. Andreas reflects on his interviews with community members, posing questions about PostgreSQL conferences they attend or submit talks to. Through this, he identifies 33 PostgreSQL conferences, showcasing these events’ diversity and widespread nature. Notable conferences mentioned frequently include PGConf.EU, PGConf.dev (formerly PGCon), PGConf.NYC, PostgresOpen, FOSDEM, FOSDEM PGDay, pgDay.Paris, Nordic PGDay, PG Day France, PGConf.Russia, PGConf.DE, numerous different meetups, etc.

Postgres Events by Henrietta Dombrovskaya

Henrietta reflects on the journey leading up to PGDay Chicago, highlighting her involvement with the Chicago PostgreSQL User Group (PUG). In December 2016, Henrietta aimed to prove that Chicago could host a PostgreSQL conference. However, she soon realized the User Group’s vital role in fostering community interactions.

The post delves into Henrietta’s experiences with PostgreSQL conferences, tracing back to her first attendance at the PostgresOpen in Chicago in 2011. She narrates the growth of her involvement, from feeling like a “nobody” to becoming a recognized figure in the community. The blog captures the emotional and challenging journey of turning a dream into a successful PostgreSQL event.

PostgreSQL Events by Rajiv Harlalka

Rajiv took part in the Google Summer of Code 2023, where his mentors were Jimmy Angelakos (kudos for most of the workload!), Boriss Mejias, and me. And I am extremely happy and proud that Rajiv will speak at the upcoming PostgreSQL Conference in Prague!

In his PGSQL Phriday #014 blog, Rajiv shares his PostgreSQL journey, from choosing PostgreSQL in his early programming days to preparing for a big talk at the upcoming conference. Anticipating his first conference in December, he looks forward to learning, meeting mentors, and strengthening community bonds.

Rajiv acknowledges the nervous excitement of delivering his first talk on a grand stage, focusing on crafting an engaging presentation. Despite the nerves, he expresses enthusiasm for the conference’s atmosphere and the vibrant community coming together.

PostgreSQL Events by Andy Atkinson

Andy shares insights from PostgreSQL events, accentuating their diverse attendee roles and the representation of various companies. He highlights the benefits of attending, such as learning, networking, and contributing to PostgreSQL. The blog covers the mix of in-person and virtual events, lists conferences hosted by PostgreSQL companies, and encourages submitting proposals. Andy also outlines upcoming conferences on his radar, PostgreSQL User Group events, and non-PostgreSQL conferences relevant to his role. He concludes with post-event reflections, noting the positive experiences and opportunities for learning and growth at PostgreSQL events.

PGSQL Phriday #014: Conclusion

In conclusion, I am overjoyed by the resounding success of PGSQL Phriday #014. A sincere thank you to all participants for making this event a triumph. The diverse range of perspectives and insights shared has enriched my understanding of the PostgreSQL community in ways beyond imagination. The valuable information exchanged during this event strengthens the cooperative spirit of our community. I invite everyone to keep this enthusiasm going and join us at the upcoming PostgreSQL Conference Europe, where we can continue to learn and grow together.