QGIS: Enterprise-grade desktop GIS

QGIS is an enterprise-grade Open Source graphical user interface (GUI) to visualize and edit spatial data stored in a PostGIS-enabled PostgreSQL database. It offers a rich set of features including, but not limited to:

  • Visualization of GIS data
    • Tables, views, etc
    • Vector tiles
    • Mesh data
    • OGC-compliant web services
  • Creation of maps
    • Adding and removing layers
    • Combining data sources
    • Edit metadata and attributes
  • Spatial analysis
    • Vector analysis
    • Raster analysis
    • Sampling
    • Geoprocessing
    • GRASS tools
  • Extended Python support
    • Use existing modules
    • Write your own code

We provide services for QGIS as part of our GIS support.

QGIS: Our services for your benefit

CYBERTEC helps customers with QGIS. We provide expertise, experience and a helping hand, as well as professional wisdom for GIS users and spatial experts.

Setting up QGIS

If you are in need of support during deployment, CYBERTEC will help you with your setup process.

Tuning queries

Tweaking SQL is our passion. We help clients with slow SQL statements and improve performance at all levels. 

PostGIS training

QGIS depends heavily on PostGIS. We provide crucial services for spatial data in PostgreSQL.

Optimize data processing

We implement efficient data pipelines for spatial data.

Implement machine learning models

Visualizing data is just one step to success. We help customers with data science and machine learning models.

Optimize database performance

CYBERTEC ensures superior database performance. We help tune your setup.

We offer 24/7 support for PostgreSQL and PostGIS. Check out our support packages, or contact us for more information.

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Selection Zero Transparency - QGIS
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