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As you all may know, our main blog is a very appreciable source for various PostgreSQL-relevant guides and tips. Our PostgreSQL experts publish content about different topics - e.g. Patroni, advanced PostgreSQL features, configuration settings, security, etc.
All of those posts have one thing in common: they are data- or database-centric. That's why, that's the theme of our main blog - it's all about PostgreSQL & Data Science.

However, over time, the IT staff @ Cybertec has accumulated lots of knowledge on widely diverse topics. These topics can range from docker tips & tricks to parameters for psql. We'd like to share this knowledge with you, but it just doesn't fit the theme of our main blog.

With that in mind, we created a new website: Today I learned @ Cybertec

Whether it's a bug fix, a lesser known parameter of a command-line tool or a cool program we find useful - you'll find something you're interested in at Today I learned @ Cybertec.

The website is updated every day at 12:00 GMT+0, so remember to check it daily.

With PostgreSQL as our core business, we have open-source in mind. For that reason, the website and its content are completely open-source, check it out here.
If you have ideas to enhance the website, just create an issue on Github.

We hope this website will help a lot of people in their ongoing journey as developers!

How it works

The website is powered by GatsbyJS. We use Github to manage our source code and content. The website itself is hosted on Github Pages.

Authors use Github Pull requests (PRs) to write new posts.
For each PR, we use ZEIT Now to create a preview.

Each day (at 12:00 GMT+0), a bot executed through a Github Action merges one post from our backlog (= approved PRs) into master.

As soon as a new commit lands on master, the website is rebuilt and published by another Github action.

The whole process is public, you can watch everything happen here.

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