OpenStreetMap: Open GIS data for your business

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a free spatial data set provided by the community. OSM covers large areas of the globe in a detailed way. It is out-of-the-box ready for use. OSM data can be used with PostgreSQL, PostGIS, QGIS and many other tools.

We at CYBERTEC support customers with their OSM data and help to implement production-ready systems, including:

  • OSM imports / exports (osm2pgsql, osmosis, etc.)
  • ETL and data transformation (ogr2ogr)
  • Automated quality management
  • Visualization (QGIS, CYPEX, GeoServer)
  • Automated provisioning of data sets (see data set support for Scalefield)
  • Routing services (pgrouting, etc.)
  • Implementation of machine learning models using GIS and other data
Open Street Map to PostgreSQL

We offer 24/7 support for PostgreSQL and PostGIS. Check out our support packages, or contact us for more information.

OpenStreetMap: Our services for your benefit

OpenStreetMap can serve your business well. Our professional services will make even more out of this impressive data set.

Optimized imports

Use osm2pgsql, osmosis and other tools to import recent OSM data into PostgreSQL.

Extracting OSM subsets

Use subsets of OpenStreetMap to solve more specific problems.

Enriching OSM data

Use OSM data and enrich it with your own information. Extract even more insight from your data.


We help you draw incredible maps to visualize your data in the most professional way.

Tile caching

Prepare ready-made map tiles for a better end-user experience. 

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Intelligently use spatial data for more advanced business and data analysis.

IOT: Internet of things

Manage and display your digital assets on a map. Use spatial data for better visualization and analytics. 

Intelligent searching

Use PostgreSQL for semantic and fuzzy search. Provide users with a better end-user experience.


CYBERTEC has 20+ years of experience and we have used OSM data countless times for many types of projects, serving clients all over the world. 

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