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PostGIS, ArcGIS Enterprise and the Tour de France route

by Florian Nadler | 07.2023
PostGIS and ArcGIS Enterprise: From Annemasse to Morzine For those who sadly missed our after-business workshop together with our new […]

Let’s party and upgrade PostgreSQL and PostGIS together

by Florian Nadler | 05.2023
Some time ago, I presented a typical approach to upgrade PostGIS under Ubuntu. Please take a look at my previous […]

PostGIS: Upgrade GEOS with Ubuntu in 3 Steps

by Florian Nadler | 10.2022
Many blog posts deal with installing or upgrading PostGIS. Today we'll talk about upgrading related libraries such as GEOS or […]

Analyzing historical flight data with MobilityDB

by Florian Nadler | 04.2022
MobilityDB is on the move Since my last article about MobilityDB, the overall project has further developed and improved.This is […]

OpenStreetMap service by CYBERTEC

by Florian Nadler | 10.2021
In response to repeated customer requests seeking spatial datasets based on the OpenStreetMap service, CYBERTEC decided to start an initiative […]

Publishing maps with Geoserver and PostGIS

by Florian Nadler | 05.2021
Analysing data within PostGIS is just one side of the coin. What about publishing our datasets as maps that various […]

Getting started with QGIS, PostgreSQL and PostGIS

by Hans-Jürgen Schönig | 04.2021
Visualizing spatial data is an important task. In this mini-tutorial, you will learn how to quickly visualize OpenStreetMap (OSM) data […]

Traveling Salesman problem with PostGIS and pgRouting

by Florian Nadler | 03.2021
Last time, we experimented with lesser known PostGIS functions to extract areas of interest for sales. Now, let’s extend our […]

"Catchment areas" with PostgreSQL and PostGIS

by Florian Nadler | 02.2021
Recently a colleague in our sales department asked me for a way to partition an area of interest spatially. He […]

Intersecting GPS-Tracks to identify infected individuals

by Florian Nadler | 04.2020
In times of COVID-19, governments contemplate tough measures to identify and trace infected people. These measures include the utilization of […]
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