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When checking out the new features of Sybase 15.7 (yes, from time to time I get around to see what commercial databases are up to),  I stumbled over an interesting and yet amusing line: “Fully Recoverable DDL”. The details seem to indicate that not just Sybase is still having a hard time to handle transactional and crash safe DDLs in a proper way.

After 15 years of professional PostgreSQL I actually don't remember a time when PostgreSQL did not have transactional DDLs. The beauty of PostgreSQL is that all major DDLs are fully transactional:

Basically everything people need for their daily work is fully transactional. CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, CREATE INDEX - everything works just like a charm.

The exceptions to the rule ...

However, there are some minor exceptions to the rule. The most prominent thing is most likely CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY. The thing is: CREATE INDEX is a single transaction - CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY is not - and therefore it cannot be run inside a normal transaction block. The index needs to be visible to other transactions before the build can even begin:

But, there are some more corner cases. CREATE DATABASE is one of them:

Performing a ROLLBACK in case of CREATE DATABASE should really not be a real problem anyway and nobody has ever complained about it.

The same applies to CREATE TABLESPACE:

Of course there are some more commands along this line - this list is not meant to be complete. However, it has to be pointed out that in PostgreSQL at least 90% of all DDLs fully support transaction blocks as expected.

VACUUM: The great princess

What is interesting is that some people asked for a ROLLBACK on VACUUM. To make it clear: This is not possible and clearly makes no sense.

VACUUM is here to physically clean up rows - it is really pointless to consider a ROLLBACK here (for countless reasons).

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Slava Moudry
Slava Moudry
8 years ago

>What is interesting is that some people asked for a ROLLBACK on VACUUM.
>To make it clear: This is not possible and clearly makes no sense.
one case when someone would need it - is when you try to run VACUUM from stored procedure. Since stored procedure creates an implicit transaction, you can't run vacuum in it.

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