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Laurenz Albe

Senior Consultant & Support Engineer
Laurenz Albe is a senior consultant and support engineer at CYBERTEC. He has been working with and contributing to PostgreSQL since 2006, has written patches for core, and wrote oracle_fdw. He holds a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Vienna and a Master's in Computer Science from the Technical University of Vienna. In his spare time he enjoys reading to his children and pondering the roots of language.
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Articles by Laurenz Albe

Avoiding “OR” for better query performance

by Laurenz Albe | 05.2018
  PostgreSQL query tuning is our daily bread at CYBERTEC, and once you have done some of that, you'll start […]

What's in an xmax?

by Laurenz Albe | 04.2018
xmax is a PostgreSQL system column that is used to implement Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC). The documentation is somewhat terse: […]

Get rid of your unused indexes!

by Laurenz Albe | 04.2018
Why should I get rid of unused indexes? Everybody knows that a database index is a good thing because it […]

Four reasons why VACUUM won't remove dead rows from a table

by Laurenz Albe | 03.2018
Why vacuum? Whenever rows in a PostgreSQL table are updated or deleted, dead rows are left behind. VACUUM gets rid […]

New features for sequences: gains and pitfalls

by Laurenz Albe | 02.2018
About sequences Sequences are used to generate artificial numeric primary key columns for tables. A sequence provides a “new ID” […]

How a bad network configuration can cause table bloat

by Laurenz Albe | 01.2018
(Updated 2023-04-20) I recently had an interesting support case with table bloat that shows how the cause of a problem […]
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