The Golden Trunk 2023 Award: My Playful Ode to Bloggers

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Golden Trunk Award

Because Who Needs Another Gold Statue Anyway?

In the world of databases, where seriousness often reigns supreme... Well, you know me! I always want to inject a bit of humor and fun. Welcome to the inaugural "Golden Trunk 2023" award – my impulsive celebration of PostgreSQL community brilliance, where a golden elephant trunk steals the spotlight. Inspired by the grandeur of events like the Oscars and Globes, the "Golden Trunk" award was born – a celebration of the best articles about PostgreSQL!

Judged by Yours Truly: Me

I'm keeping things refreshingly simple in a world dominated by complex algorithms and intricate scoring systems. What are the criteria for determining the most viewed articles? Look no further than my discerning eye! That's right – I, Pavlo Golub, will personally judge articles!

Exclusively Cybertec This Year!

In the grand tradition of starting small and dreaming big, the inaugural edition of the "Golden Trunk" award will be an exclusive affair for our talented Cybertec authors – my colleagues. I'm turning the spotlight onto the incredible minds, recognizing the outstanding contributions of my colleagues who bring PostgreSQL expertise to life in their articles.

Cheers to Hans-Jürgen Schönig: The First Golden Trunk Winner!

I'm excited to announce that the first-ever "Golden Trunk" award goes to Hans-Jürgen Schönig for his fantastic blog post titled "PostgreSQL ERROR: permission denied for schema public." In this helpful piece, Hans-Jürgen talks about a significant change in how PostgreSQL 15 handles permissions for the public schema. He goes beyond technical, warning us about potential issues when putting our applications out there and giving some smart tips on what to do. Congratulations to Hans-Jürgen Schönig for winning the first "Golden Trunk" award. Your work is a real asset to the PostgreSQL community! 👏

Congrats to Laurenz Albe – Our Second Golden Trunk Winner!

A big shoutout to Laurenz Albe for snagging the second "Golden Trunk 2023" award with his awesome blog post titled "UUID, serial or identity columns for PostgreSQL auto-generated primary keys?" Laurenz dives into a common database puzzle: what to use for auto-generated primary keys – UUID, serial, or identity columns? His blog doesn't just ask the question; it gives us solid recommendations on how to decide! It's like having a friendly guide to help you pick the right tool for the job. Laurenz, your blog is a gem for anyone navigating the world of PostgreSQL, and it's a well-deserved win for the "Golden Trunk" award! Cheers to you! 🎉

Hats Off to Ants Aasma – Our Third Golden Trunk Winner!

A big round of applause for Ants Aasma, clinching the third "Golden Trunk 2023" award with his awesome blog, "Faceting large result sets in PostgreSQL." Now, what's faceting? Well, those super helpful boxes you see while online shopping that help you narrow your search – like picking a color or size. Ants explains faceting and dives into how to make it work in your environment. Plus, he wowed us with a talk at 2023 and even earned a special shoutout from Lukas Fittl for his excellent work on fast counting across large datasets. Ants, your expertise makes PostgreSQL even cooler, and this "Golden Trunk" is a big high-five to you! 🌟👏

High-Five to Bernd Helmle – Our Fourth Golden Trunk Winner!

Let's cheer Bernd Helmle for snagging the fourth award with his insightful article, "Huge Pages and PostgreSQL." You might be scratching your head about huge pages, but Bernd breaks it down for us. He describes all the nitty-gritty details about PostgreSQL and Huge Pages on Linux. Kudos to Bernd Helmle on this well-deserved "Golden Trunk 2023" win! 🎉👏

Big Cheers to the PGSQL Phriday Team – Our Final Awardees

A massive shoutout to the fantastic group of authors and hosts who make up the PGSQL Phriday series – our well-deserved recipients of the last award! I was honored to be a December host with an invitation blog post, "PGSQL Phriday #014: PostgreSQL Events". The engagement was phenomenal, with 12 awesome replies. But this award isn't for me! It's for every author and host who poured their expertise and passion into the PGSQL Phriday series throughout 2023. A special round of applause goes to Ryan Booz for orchestrating this brilliant initiative. You all are shining stars in the PostgreSQL galaxy, and this "Golden Trunk" is a collective high-five to each one of you! 🌟👏

Open Invitation for Future Brilliance

Now, you might be thinking, "What about the broader PostgreSQL community?" Fear not! While this year's event is an intimate gathering, I'm open to discussions and suggestions. If expanding this extravaganza to a larger scale tickles your fancy, drop your thoughts in the comments section! Your feedback and enthusiasm could shape the future editions of the "Golden Trunk" award. To all potential participants and the PostgreSQL community, I say this: Dive into the joyous spirit of the "Golden Trunk" award. Share a laugh, applaud the outstanding work of our Cybertec authors, and your favorite elephant trunk statue could be up for grabs. Because, after all, who said something that started as a joke can't transform into a serious celebration of excellence?💙💛

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