Feature complete migration from oracle to PostgreSQL

Migrate from Oracle with ease

CYBERTEC Migrator is a feature-complete migration tool which allows you to facilitate Oracle migrations. As an enterprise-ready product, it focuses explicitly on providing the richest feature set possible. With years of successful migrations behind us, CYBERTEC has developed the ultimate tool for getting the job done right.

Minimum downtime, maximum performance

Whether it comes to managing data structures, keeping performance at its best or handling stored procedures, the specific features listed below will convince you of the quality of our product. In addition, we always have security and speed as our top priorities. CYBERTEC Migrator is fully HTTPs encrypted, yet easy to deploy and ready to migrate large numbers of databases in a minimum amount of time. In fact, we offer close-to-zero-downtime migrations.

Premium features: advantages for enterprise customers

Managing data structures

  • Automatic data type mapping
  • Automatic migration of table structures
  • Change data structures
  • Modify constraints and defaults
  • Adjust indexing
  • Optimize PostgreSQL partitioning 

Advanced data transfer

  • Best performance possible
  • Massive parallelism
  • “Dry run” and “error detection” modes
  • Consistent snapshotting

Handling stored procedures

  • Automatic extraction of stored procedures
  • Visual editing
  • Advanced syntax highlighting
  • Easy testing and easy deployment

Advanced security

  • Analysis of Oracle security
  • Migration of Oracle permissions
  • Easy visual adjustments
  • Full HTTPs encryption

Enterprise scalability

  • Manage countless migrations at once
  • Ability to clone migration definitions
  • Migration of TB+ databases
  • Advanced collaboration

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Contact us today and request a free live demonstration of feature complete migration. We are more than happy to show you how the CYBERTEC Migrator works!

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