PostgreSQL is not just some new hipster project, it has been around for more than two decades and is a major player in the Open Source database world. It is challenging big players such as Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase, and IBM and is a professionally maintained and developed piece of software capable of running complex, data-driven applications.

PostgreSQL has many advantages that are important to understand.

PostgreSQL: A true Open Source project

PostgreSQL is a TRUE Open Source project, no strings attached. There is no such thing as “dual licensing” and no such thing as a “demo version”. You will get the entire thing for free, no strings attached.
As long as you stick to the standard version of PostgreSQL, you will always enjoy the full benefits of true freedom, no strings attached, no fine print.

Question: “What if a big company tries to buy PostgreSQL?”

This is impossible because PostgreSQL is not controlled by a single company. It is really a community effort backed by different companies, including Cybertec. PostgreSQL is not “owned” by a company that you can easily buy.
Your investment in PostgreSQL will be safe.

Question: “Is there a chance that it will suffer the same fate as MySQL?”

No, MySQL was controlled by a commercial enterprise and was therefore easy prey for big businesses. The PostgreSQL community has ensured that this cannot happen to our product. Moreover, PostgreSQL cannot be made a closed source again. Somebody might decide to go for a commercial fork but the core project will always be open.

Question: “Can PostgreSQL ever turn into a closed source?”

No, you cannot “un-Open Source” code. PostgreSQL is Open Source and will continue to be so.

Advanced database features

PostgreSQL is a comprehensive, sophisticated database system offering countless features. As of PostgreSQL 10.0, the documentation alone is roughly 3,500 pages, which already shows how capable the system really is.

The following list contains some of the more exciting features of PostgreSQL:


  • Windowing functions and analytics (OVER-clause)
  • Ordered sets (WITHIN GROUP)
  • Hypothetical aggregates (WITHIN GROUP)
  • Recursive SQL (WITH RECURSIVE)
  • Partial aggregates (FILTER-clause)
  • Table sampling


  • Parallel queries
  • Advanced locking mechanisms
  • Many different types of indexes (btree, gist, gin, hash. sp-gist, brin, bloom, etc.)
  • Advanced cost-based query optimization
  • Tablespaces
  • Partitioned tables
  • Synchronous and asynchronous COMMIT



  • Users, roles, etc.
  • Full support for SSL
  • Full database encryption (with “Cybertec PostgreSQL_fde”)
  • Support for single-sign-on (ActiveDirectory, LDAP, RADIUS, etc.)

Stored procedures:

  • Support for stored procedures in various languages
  • Support for custom aggregates
  • Professional triggers

The above list is, of course, far from complete.

Support for professional replication

In PostgreSQL, replication is not an add-on, it’s a core feature. There is no need for extra licensing, extra products or whatever. All the tooling is there for you to take. The PostgreSQL supports a variety of features that are nicely supported by external tools.

The things that are needed by people on a daily basis are just there and they work.

24/7 support and professional services

You can buy full 24/7 support for PostgreSQL as well as professional consulting services. The main difference between support for PostgreSQL and support provided by big database vendors is speed. Recently, one of our clients told me that they received a bugfix for a commercial database product after 4 (!!) years.
In the PostgreSQL community you can rely on the fact that a fix for a bug will be available after a few hours or after a couple of days (in the case where it is a really nasty problem). In other words, you can expect a much higher service quality and a better availability of highly skilled people who have full knowledge of what is really going on.

Professional help

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