Advantages of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the most professional of the relational Open Source databases and was awarded “Database System Of The Year” several times. It is a highly reliable, stable, scalable and secure system, and has been around for more than two decades now.  As such, it has been established as a major player in the Open Source database world and is challenging big players such as Oracle, Sybase, and IBM. PostgreSQL is professionally maintained and developed software, capable of running complex, data-driven applications. PostgreSQL’s advantages are huge.

There is nothing more important than investing in a database system that provides you with real, actionable information. PostgreSQL is this system: It is a professional database management system which has a long history of reliability, continuous development, cutting-edge technology, and a strong focus on user needs.

Benefits of PostgreSQL

Benefits of PostgreSQL - Advantages of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL has been designed to reliably store your most valuable asset – your data.

Advantages of PostgreSQL:

Open Source

Source code is freely available under an open source license. This allows you the freedom to use, modify, and implement it as per your business needs.

Reduce costs

As a true open source product, PostgreSQL does not cost anything – no licence fees! It’s totally free to use! You no longer have to worry about licensing costs, contract issues and dealing with a high-budget product. It’s available to you when you want it and the way you want it.

Community-driven – Reliability

Multiple companies and individuals contribute to the project and have driven innovation for more than 25 years now. The strong community ensures that bugs are fixed without delay.
PG is supported by a wide array of extensions plus multiple SQL and NoSQL data models.


There are many features for enhanced security, thanks to easy extensibility: however, if you make use of the right ones (TDE, Data Masking) you get a very secure database, which takes care of your most valuable asset – your data.


Your PostgreSQL database can grow with you. There are multiple technical options for operating PostgreSQL at scale. That’s why your PostgreSQL database can grow with you, and can be as large as you need it to go.

PostgreSQL at scale

PostgreSQL helps companies to reach the next level of database technology, including Data Warehouse Analytics and High Performing OLTP, Cloud Services as well as  Machine Learning, Data Science and the Internet of Things. 

PostgreSQL at Scale -Advantages of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL has been widely adopted by industry in recent years. Some of the top companies in the world now use PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL offers great benefits for a wide range of industries and helps you to grow your business. Get the most out of your database by knowing and understanding the advantages of PostgreSQL. 


The multiple advantages of PostgreSQL are the best reason to migrate – Save on high license costs and avoid vendor lock-in. Companies will also benefit from a technical point of view: PostgreSQL is highly reliable, scalable, stable and secure.
However, saving on license costs is only one factor that determines the total cost of ownership. There are also support and labor costs that come into play. This is another area where PostgreSQL excels.

By migrating to PostgreSQL, companies can markedly reduce total cost of ownership up to 80%.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership - Advantages of PostgreSQL


CYBERTEC offers comprehensive migration services as well as a high performing migration toolchain. We help customers to facilitate the entire migration process in the fastest way possible and provide everything that is needed to successfully conclude migration projects. Our team will tune your target systems to maximum performance and handle database hardening.


New to PostgreSQL? Benefit from the know-how of our PostgreSQL experts through our Consulting Services. 

Our experienced consultants will help you to speed up your database with health checks and performance tuning. If needed, they will make sure your data is safe by deploying security audits or help you to improve database high availability; thereby reducing the costs of outages enormously. CYBERTEC can boost your database performance with ease, so your databases will again be able to handle large volumes of transactions on short notice.


CYBERTEC wants to help companies worldwide to make their database management as easy, uncomplicated, cost-effective and innovative as possible, in order to generate the optimum benefit from their data. If you are searching for a competent partner in the field of PostgreSQL, CYBERTEC is exactly what you are looking for. 

Contact us today to receive your personal offer from CYBERTEC. We offer timely delivery, professional handling, and 20 years of PostgreSQL experience.

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