Our product support covers patches and bug fixes for PostgreSQL and the CYBERTEC extended toolchain.

Whenever they require maintenance, we will be there to help you. Product Support customers enjoy speedy and reliable service.


CYBERTEC POSTGRESQL Product Support: TDE, PGwatch and data masking product support


CYBERTEC provides all bug fixes for the most frequently used PostgreSQL platforms, processors and architectures. This includes not only common platforms like Redhat, CentOS, Suse, etc. but also x86 / x64. On request, we can also assist you with special cases.

If you use any of our CYBERTEC extensions or products, we’ll be happy to support you with bug fixes and patches included in our packages. For selected products and extensions, our Product Support customers exclusively receive the latest updates before everyone else. Get ahead of the crowd and keep your competitive edge – our expertise is the right tool for your needs. We keep our customers constantly up-to-date – customer satisfaction is our priority number one.

If you need database performance tuning, design and management included in your support package, please have a look at 24/7 Basic Support or 24/7 Enterprise Support. If you don’t find what you need in our packages, please contact us for a consultation. 


Product Support Service Overview

Product SupportExtended Product SupportTDE Product SupportData Masking Product SupportPGWatch Product Support
Which PostgreSQL EXTENSIONS are included?
pg_timetable – Advanced Job Scheduling * 


Choose one Extension

pg_showplans –
Monitoring Execution Plans *
pg_squeeze – Shrinks Tables *
Walbouncer – Enterprise Grade Partial Replication
PostgreSQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) *
Data Masking for PostgreSQL *
PGWatch – PostgreSQL Monitoring Tool *
Which SERVICES are included?
Maximum Response timenext business daynext business daynext business daynext
next business day
Bug fix/Patches
Packaging (RPM, DEB)
Docker Container
Drivers for C, Python, …

* including latest updates


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Product Support Pricing

Pricing is based on an annual fee per core.
There’s no minimum number of cores.

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